Gratitude and SOAR

My photos are still on their way to me from SOAR, but that is ok since I have a tale to tell. I could tell you that SOAR is a state of mind, or an imaginary voyage, or a secret treasure in my heart that fuels me. All would be true, but quite a bit sappier than I am comfortable with. I will tell you that it is a place where we can walk among giants and often encounter a gracious giving of knowledge. But back to my tale.

I am grateful, so very grateful for the chance I got to go to SOAR. One example of generosity just typifies the spirit of the gathering. My friend and I had been shopping and got an extremely expensive little bit of fiber. It was in a slippy bag and she was also holding a bag with two firm weaving battens, kind of confusing to the underarm grip. When we discovered the small precious bag was missing we hunted high and low. We asked staff and vendors and anyone we could find. Well, we had come to the last little part of the search where hope was rapidly diminishing and next up was, well, not despair but extreme bumming. I was putting the final pin in the notice board telling of the sad tale when I hear a yelp behind me and much jumping for joy. The fine SueF had just approached the staff table and asked if someone was just there in tears. She had been driving along, spotted the bag in the lot and recognized it right away. She pulled over, parked illegally, and missed a spa appointment just to bring the bag in. What an intensely kind gesture. See, THIS is the spirit of SOAR. People with hearts wide open that make you better people just being around them. Oh, yeah, and there is fiber and learning too. One last thing and it just brings tears to my eyes. The wonderful vendor, Toni Neil of the Fold, was willing to take a hit herself and give back what was lost. This is why I always make Toni’s booth my first and primary stop and this is why I always will. Doesn’t it make you want to support your vendors at SOAR?

Gratitude. I am very thankful for the wonderful people, the wonderful vendors, and the wonderful mentors. I am especially grateful to Linda Ligon, Marilyn Murphy, my friend Anne and all the wonderful Interweave staff. Without their efforts over many years, we wouldn’t have this great resource. Thank you all so much.

Now how could I have shown all that in a photo?


Maia said...

I am so happy to hear that you had a great time at SOAR. It is those moments that really punctuate life.

Love the Bandwagon Socks too!

Rachel H said...

Beautifully captured. And no, not possible in a photo.

The Goof Quotient, as Charlene put it is BEST captured in photos though, and I'm looking forward to those. :o)

stephanie said...

You totally can't get that in a photo. Damn it was good.

rams said...

And so now?

The photos.


(My envy has produced the Harlot's headcold. Surely you don't want to take any chances?)

Juno said...

I can't beleive I left gratitude out. because that's such a huge part. gratitude and wonder.