Visitor and Promises

First our visitor. Anyone know what kind this is? Look at that fat body.
And the promises:
Promise of chili peppers

Promise of carnations and pinks

Promise of my favorite yellow roses
And in the back yarn, promises of bugs to fix. Quite a collection, isn't it? Green & red aphids, white fly, baby aphids and some other critter.
promises of sachets with jasmine(?) and lavender
Promises of cardinal climbers and so many hummingbirds that I won't be able to stand the noise
Promises of pens to come
Promises of socks
Promises of lace, corralled on a dvd spindle to control the silk


Knitter call to arms

Color knitters of the world need to please read this post on an urgent situation with Shetland Yarn. Then email and write every knitter you know that has ever had the notion to knit with real Shetland yarn. Mostly, you need to write to Jamieson & Smith and let them know how you feel. This affects so many of the known Starmore designs as well as many others.

E-Mail sales@shetlandwoolbrokers.co.uk



Respiratory systems and big toes suck! Spinning and knitting content return soon.