Fuzzyfeet from handspun wool/mohair mix.

Free pattern from Knitty.com. This is the same as Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride that I got as roving. I tried to leave the mohair a bit thick in places so that it was a little fuzzier. One big difference was that this felted so much faster and tighter than the Lamb's Pride. I spun fat yarn and plied it. It was quite thick and thin, but it didn't matter one bit. The slippers are firm, fuzzy and warm. It did take less time to knit these than it did with the store bought yarn, but I can't image why. This was fast and simple and DONE. We love those finished projects. Posted by Hello

New Project Joy

The beginning of a new sweater is always full of promise. I started a kit I got last year at MD Sheep & Wool as a special treat. The Philosopher's Wool Alligator's Teeth in Night Sky colorway. A lot of my friends think this wool is kinda crappy, but I like the springyness and I love the look of their sweaters. They wash up all soft and snuggly. I have wanted one since I first saw them at Stitches in the early 90's.

I normally knit at a much finer gauge, so this is going quickly - except for one thing. The directions call for #4 to rib and #8 for the body. In whose dreams were these needles recommended? I ribbed with #4 in 1x1, and it was huge. I tried 2x2, nope. Then corrugated rib; it was worse. I went to a 3 and tried them all - bad, bad, bad. Finally, I was sick of ribbing and did a provisional cast-on and started knitting. Wrong again. I ripped and went down, ripped and went down a size. I am on a size 5 and still a little big, but I think it will draw in a bit when washed. When they say don't swatch, just start knitting - don't do it. I couldn't believe the needle change. However, having found my sweet spot, I am blasting away.

The pattern looks complex but is stone easy and I won't look at the chart again until I start the next piece. You go up, you go down. And for the larger frame, such as mine, the vertical points are pleasing, I think. Luckily, my LYS carries this yarn. I wasted a bit with bad cuffs and will use that for socks now. I added a pale lavender to the mix and another pale plum.

The kit was cheap, as today's yarn prices go. And the gauge was my fault for not swatching. If asked, I would buy this kit again, and plan to get a 'fire' one for Dano. I gotta say for all the yarn snobs out there, this is really fast and fun and will suit me perfectly. You don't know what you are missing. After doing so many fair isles in AS classes and books, this is really so easy.