New Kittens slow my knitting

Meet Lydia. Tiny new kitten. 1 lb 13 oz when we got her last week. Sweet and fast. The second pic shows a pen for scale but is blurred by her fast movement. She is about twice the size of her little sister.

Meet Mai Mai. Devil cat. So tiny she fits in a teacup. 1 lb 3 oz when we got her.

Neither cat can meow, they still just squeak a little. Play is furious for 3 two hour sessions a day followed by collapse.

And, of course, all kittens need toys. This is just after play has ended. Mayhem.

Some knitting happens during sleep. This is the last row of Aeolian.
I am really wanting to work on Mara, but that is too attractive right now for them. Cats like Shetland.
Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery shawl is so nice. But Zephyr yarn is easy to bite through.

So I shall be even slower than normal but happily playing with my new distractions. Today I shall introduce them to the looms and see what happens.