Records break

24" of snow. So far. I know you may be from a part of the world where this is nothing, but I am in Albuquerque. Records of all time are being set. Cars don't move at all. It is so quiet here. No one owns shovels. Our street hasn't been plowed yet since before the holidays started and the BIG one is due on Monday. Not even sure the city owns plows.

Good time to hunker down with my knitting and spinning and a ton of movies.

Before and after today's snow - another 10" or so.


Eco Cabled Socks

I just finished up a pair of cabled socks loosely modeled on Handknit Holidays' Log Cabin Socks by Anne Woodbury. I added an extra repeat of the cable to the top to make them longer. I used a strange yarn combo for these: Ecological wool in gray and on the foot section only I added white wooly nylon. While I intend to dye these a dark burgundy in the end, I wanted to see if the wooly nylon would take up dye differently than the rest of the yarn. I tossed them into a leftover dyebath that didn't exhaust fully and they picked up color beautifully. I can't see the wooly nylon at all.

The strange thing is that the Eco wool suggested a 10.5 needle and I used #4 double pointed for these. I do knit a little loosely, so a #5 would work for most people. I just love this wool. I thought it might blow up a bit in the washing, but the cables are firm and not a bit floppy. Actually, this makes such a splendid sock yarn that I think I will knit several other pairs in different designs using this yarn. Big skeins and cheap - my favorite combo.


Square Feet bind-off practice

To get over my nervousness about 3-needle bind-off, I am practicing on Square Feet by Stephanie Stock in Knitters #83. I am using Noro 102. And for a Noro spinning discussion, check here.

Modular Strips

I have been working on a new modular jacket. I am apprehensive about joining the strips. The basic plan is based on De Colores from Ginger Luter's Module Magic. She uses a knitted bind-off to join, like you would if you were making reinforced shoulder joins. But I don't care for the ridge it creates at this point. Any suggestions?

This is Polworth from Rovings spun to bring out the color changes. I plyed it into a fake boucle, one ply thin and one ply thick. The strips are unblocked, but wonderfully soft.