Visitor and Promises

First our visitor. Anyone know what kind this is? Look at that fat body.
And the promises:
Promise of chili peppers

Promise of carnations and pinks

Promise of my favorite yellow roses
And in the back yarn, promises of bugs to fix. Quite a collection, isn't it? Green & red aphids, white fly, baby aphids and some other critter.
promises of sachets with jasmine(?) and lavender
Promises of cardinal climbers and so many hummingbirds that I won't be able to stand the noise
Promises of pens to come
Promises of socks
Promises of lace, corralled on a dvd spindle to control the silk


carol said...

Lovely series of photos! The butterfly is a swallowtail of some persuasion,at least from my European perspective it is! Pens?? Similar to the crochet hooks that I have to guard with my life in public? And that dvd trick is really cool, I must remember that!

Marcy said...

So many many promises! Lovely.