SOAR part two

I know I haven't made it to the fibery goodness that were the SOAR classes and I promise that real content will appear soon. However, as we are learning, inside and out of class we are constantly surrounded by what you see here - smiling people. I don't think I have ever been to a place with so much laughter for an entire intense week.

I would like to point out Charlene's lovely tie-dyed top. When she isn't knitting the most fantastic items, she is wearing others. You can see some of her lovely beadwork, well, everywhere. You can even make it.

This is Mary. Seems harmless right? She has a razor sharp whit and will have you helplessly laughing in very little time. Always make room at the meal table for her - your loss if you don't.

I met Beth through Ravelry then face to face in my first 5 minutes there. Click and see her lovely shawl.

Look, the lovely Anne with actual fiber content. She was rarely seen without her spindles all week. Yet, she manned the staff table and still took care of everyone with that same big wonderful smile.

Yet more hand gestures from Abby & Shelia.

Wonderful Rita prepares for the retreat sign ups. I totally missed taking a photo of her shawl in the gallery. It was, as always, astounding. You can find a pic on Knitters Review.

There were serious moments - a meeting of mentors & workshop review. Even here there are smiles.

But these expressions are a more common site. John inspired us all the first day with his woven bands and we all had to go to the inkle class from Sara Lamb to see if we could make the round bands. One started it and it just spread through the classes like mad. And all week he wore this band. Man, I just wanted to swap brains there for a while.

Jeannine is my longest SOAR buddy and I look forward to this expression every year.

We suspect this might be Kim, but laughter has obscured their identity.


Beth said...

I'm definitley bookmarking this post. Made me smile all over again.

kim said...

Yep, that looks like me. Ladylike, as always!