SOAR - The Painted Skein with Janel Laidman

I just loved my workshop class with Janel. I had read the cover article on striping and understood the words but didn't have a feeling for the project going into the class. I knew I did like to play with color and there would be great fibers. But this class hit me like a brick. Wow, did I have fun. And now when I read the article, it really makes more sense to me. The essence of the class was that you can control your own striping withing your yarn by selection from painted roving. In our first sample we spun a roving and plied it as a single unit (A). In the second section (B) we tore the roving in half then spun and plied it so my example goes yellow to red, red to yellow (C). I won't go through the whole class, but you can see from the samples that we were really getting some serious and interesting striping. And face it, any class where you can come out saying 'Undulating Palindrome Fractal Stripe' just adds to your geek level, doesn't it?

Needless to say, our class ran to the market to gather up all the linear and palindrome striped rovings we could find and I will bet there is a lot of dyeing going on around the country this weekend.

I am sorry to say that I don't have a good photo, but we were lucky in class to have the scholarship recipient Emily Goodling. Keep your eyes on this one, I tell you. She was 15 and spun circles around us all and wore the most amazing items, all hand crafted. She was sweet and modest and I am delighted to see such talent at SOAR - great choice by the scholarship committee on that one.


Rachel H said...

I always thought I wasn't interested in trying dye work of my own.

Until now.


Paper said...

I'm totally with Rachel. Also goes for weaving, drumcarding, fiber prep, and owning sheep. (The latter is still possibly best left to friendly neighbors.)

Now I want to go play with all of the Chameleon Colorworks fiber I have stored up!

Juno said...

It IS rather amazing what you can go from complete ignorance of to desire for union with...and how very, very swiftly the journey can happen.

Therese said...

Thanks for the great write-up! I tried to get into Janel's Painted Skein class at OFFF, but it was full. She's teaching it again at Madrona and I was thrilled to get in. Looking forward to it!