Fiberguy's SOAR

The unsuspecting SOAR attendee will do will to identify this man. He is a master of the long-arm self-inclusive picture and will get everyone he can in this position.

He can also be observed by other photographers. Notice in this sequence how he changes shoulders magically.

You can detect him by the expressions on the faces closest to him.

Vendors, Interweave Staff, Mentors - none were safe

With Morgaine above he is pointing out the fiber goddess of swill which he was awarded by our good friend Jeane.

He was with people we know well and people I never met.

'Say, whatcha got in those two glasses???'
He could be seen flitting around from group to group, often accompanied by the deadly swill.
Table devastation occurs in his wake. The poor staff...
His most frequent expression:


Rachel H said...

'table' isn't the only kind of devestation that occurs in the wake of the Master of Swill...

Paper said...

You guys are so freakin' adorable I can barely stand it. I just want to reach through the screen and pinch your rosy cheeks.

denny (I'm) said...

I have been telling my hubby about the swill nights and I made him guess, how many bottles do you think we drank? dude he said 36.

Dan .............36.

dude our work is cut out for us.

Next year.....36.

Don't worry. I have I plan. 36.

Abby Franquemont said...

Man, all of these so far are so moving. I keep trying to come up with the right comment, and failing, so I probably have to do something like send you a mix tape.