Bandwagon socks

The Bandwagon sock pattern is done and I have the go ahead from various contributors to post it here. Remember that NONE of my pattern is original except the selection of colors and techniques used.

Which brings up the idea of 'What is Original'? I see a ton of patterns out there that just grab a Barbara Walker pattern and stuff it in a sock format and call it their own. Is that original? Designing a new toe shaping or heel shaping, to me that is original new stuff. But matching from column a and column b is not so original. Am I wrong in thinking that? I have the Treasury patterns too and can combine them myself.

For that matter, does recharting the Treasury patterns to be used circularly make them original? Apparently I am not the only one thinking about this as we start seeing them everywhere. Barbara Walker tells us herself that she collected them from various sources. Yet they are her collections, not ours to change.

My opinion is that everyone should own, or at least get from the library, Barbara Walker Treasury books and any other stitch collections that they can get their hands on. We are knitters, these are our tools. If we were painters, our colors would be our tools. We get color + dimension or stitches. Get them, own them, read them, use them.

But in every pattern published in a magazine that uses the Walker patterns, they make charts for your use. If they are gracious, they site the reference; most do not. Just so, I present this
file. It is the lace pattern used in my sock, formatted to use with my Palm PDA and Documents to Go. It is in excel format, so you can use it on the computer too. I use the first column to either track repeats or just to let myself know which row I am on by changing 0's to 1's and back again. It is the matching file to the Bandwagon Socks Pattern.


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Very pretty! Thank you for sharing! Pulling it together is still a lot of work

Crystal Palace Yarns said...


We just got samples of the 4 new Panda Wool colors we are adding for next season - may I "bribe" you to design another pair of socks by sending you two balls of one of the brand new colors... ?

I'm just getting the hang of using documents on my Treo with Palm OS, I'll give this a try.

Susan at CPY

Marcy said...

Nice socks, Fibergal. Those are almost enough to make me want to knit socks! :D

Rachel H said...

I found you! This pleases me immensely as SOAR ran out of program guides before my ragged band of travellers arrived on Thursday.

I just wanted to pop over and say what an absolute mind and soul enhancing joy it was to meet you this weekend. I'm so very thankful that our 'I'm' found you, both for herself and so that we could know you too. Such a gift.

I checked, and know that my email addy is in the guide. I do hope you'll keep in touch. If you click through on my name in the comments at Steph's place you'll get to my email directly too. And we'll make sure Denny's up and running on the email soon. You're stuck with us now. ;o)

DrLaura said...

hi, love the sock! the violets colorway is just plain lovely here!

may i have your permission to post your sock and your blog link on the cpy sock blog
thanks, :L, laura

AlisonH said...

A subject near and dear to my heart. I talked to Barbara Walker on the phone before I submitted my proposal to my publisher for my Wrapped in Comfort book, asking her permission to use her stitch patterns in a lot of my shawls. She was very gracious about it, and very grateful to have her own hard work acknowledged rather than just, um, "borrowed" without attribution. It brought only goodwill and mutual happiness and best wishes to ask that permission, and I would encourage all others to do so too; she is a lovely woman.

Paper said...

I have that very yarn in that very colorway and want to make those socks. Because I want to be just like you when I grow up. :) Also they're nice socks.

I hope you got home safe & sound from all your crazy adventures!

theohiogirl said...

WOO HOOO I FOUND YOU LOL... I loveeeeeeeeeeee these socks I tried the heel once and sooo could not figure it out. I am trying to get a few knitters together to do a KAL on this sock :). I so wanted to tell you and let you know I LOVE your BLOG~!( now that I found it ) lol..