Sock Bra?

Does this sock look like it has tits to you? Crapity, crap, crap, crap. Well, gee, I was just knitting along following an alteration to the Jaywalker. I did run into some problems with the numbers, but pulled out the calculator to fix that. What I didn’t watch was that she started the pattern upside-down. And didn’t mention that little issue. I should have known better and stuck with the original or my own brain, as usual.

So merrily I go, knitting around on my sock when these *Things* appear. Wouldn’t they be great on a sweater? Or on me, for example. Sadly, my sock is more well-endowed. Isn’t it the perfect Barbie-shaped little bra-lette that you ever saw?

This isn’t like one of those ‘finding a face in your grilled cheese’ types of things, is it? I was hoping for some lovely pointy bits at the top of the leg, but, alas, it will soon be doomed to rip-land.

Also, the new Magknits is up and lovely as usual.

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