Got dye?

I hate color.

Especially sock yarn.

It was a day of dyeing using other than my normal methods. First the finicky self patterning yarn. I found a yarn I liked and attached it to my warping board, wound off way too much yarn and set it up. Most people would be a bit more fussy at this stage, but I loosely piled, applied, squished and wrapped. Then steamed. I have not wound it off yet. Dye ended up almost perfectly aligned with my markers - isn't it amazing with my loose technique?

And I tried something I really don't recommend in any way from an old dye book. This was to sprinkle dye powder on wet fleece and massage it in. This is dangerous and I was fully protected. The results were pretty splendid though.


Marcy said...

Yeah, it really is too bad you don't like color. :D

Wendy said...

I love the colors. Did you make your own warping board? Also, what is the round wood thing...is that what they steam tortillas in? (ps...I love to ask crazy questions...)

fibergal said...

I used a weaving warping board, but next time would just use two c-clamps on a couple of tables. This will be quite long - guessing about 8 yards without any measurement. The problem is that you will have to 'walk' it - get your hikers on, it is a lot of walking.

The round thing is a bamboo steamer used for dye only. I wrap the dyed yarn up in plastic wrap and steam it in my dyepot for 30-45 min depending on the dye used. The bamboo steamers are great since they stack and I can get 4 into my dyepot over a rack. However, you must either have a fairly dry skein or wrap like crazy or you will get drips down into the lower skeins. Sometimes this is a good thing. Parchment paper brushed with a little oil can stop that, but I usually just wrap like mad.