The Homing Instinct

My wheel has made the journey back to its birth pond.

It had a minor part that needed attention and got a general tune up. It is sooo smooth now. The people at Schacht couldn’t have been nicer. And I almost fainted when Barry Schacht himself took us on a tour of the facilities. I hope he didn’t notice how I was just floating with a big stupid grin. Have you seen the beautiful new cherry looms?

The wheel is a very happy camper tonight. Me too.

We enjoyed Boulder. We saw mountains.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research and obligatory rock shots.

Pearl Street

On the way out of town we got to visit the best shop I have ever seen. Maggie Casey’s Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins. Wow. And Wow again. This is like 10,000 square feet of glorious fiber. Her sale area was bigger than most shops. Oooh and the goodies she had. We escaped with a little silk, some needles and a few old mags. I had a feverish yarn lust there. Did I mention how nice everyone was? It was so nurturing that someone there was just cutting into the steeks of a Dale 2002 sweater that she finished since the end of January.

She has a great new article in the coming Spin•Off about double drafting.

Last but not least, have you heard the news? Our dear Eunny Jang is the new editor of Interweave Knits! Check it out.


carol said...

Oh, phttttt....(insert rude words of choice!) *My* Schacht would so benefit from such a trip, but whilst I could get me to Boulder (again!), getting *it* there is a much more problematic issue. Maybe one day...Meanwhile, I will try to get there anyway, because a trip to SS&S is always worth it!

Marcy said...

Look at the mighty Dan holding up that wheel with one hand! Hi, Dan!

That must've been fun touring the Schacht plant. Wow. And am I ever jealous that you got to go to SS&S! One of these days.