Spin, span, spun

Been a busy little spinner girl, I have. See that big basket of superwash merino? I have been turning it into lovely spongy twisted sock yarn. What fun. It comes out of the bag very dull. It is dull and, OK - a little clumpy, when I spin it. It becomes this fun shiny springy and surprisingly smooth stuff when it is spun. How cool is that? A magic eraser for quick bad spinning.

I have also been working on some soft Rambouillet. This just keeps going and going. I couldn't add my leg to the skein photo for scale, but if I had, you would see that skein is as thick as my thigh. And it is only 6 oz. I must have a gajillion yards there. I just love spinning with no project in mind. Makes me really have some great project dreams.

And my last entry for the day is a tiny little computer wristlet in garter of some baby alpaca leg wool and Nature Spun Fingering doubled. I am spindle-spinning this as I knit. I plan just to have a button hole thumb for best mousing.

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