Flitting badly

I seem to be jumping from project to project. I am a glutton at the yarn feast on my living room table. It is a good thing for my arms too. I am stretching my knitable hours out by switching to smaller and larger projects. A few rows here, a few rows there and things are getting done. If I didn't switch, I would suffer the dreaded elbow tendon problems that had me out of commission for 4 months last year. Four months without knitting, spinning or anything fun. Four months not even being able to hold a book. Made me more than a little nuts.

So today's finished items are a pair of alpaca and wool gauntlets (the other one is drying) for mousing. The big guy also got a pair of silk, Rambo and yak mouse gautlets but they are drying too and you shall see them tomorrow. Think it's been cold here? We both have to wear gloves to mouse around.
I seem to be doing a lot of garter. I haven't for about 20 years, but here it is all over my current projects. I love the edge you get on two color garter when you (remember to) twist those stitches.

My socks are garter too. Oh, and had I read the pattern before, I would have known they were refootable. Actually a wonderful place for people to learn the technique. And yes, before you ask, I am purposely putting the corners at the top of the sock.

All this garter is really setting in. I was at Knitpicks and saw they had up the Einstein coat in one of their yarns. Then it hit me - you know the 'play the match game' moment. I had this great yarn in just about the right gauge. And I always wanted to make the Einstein. Got gauge, woohoo! And I was off before my swatch was even dry. I am using Atlantic in grape. And is it going fast.

For those unfamiliar it is the Einstein Coat from The Knitting Experience by Sally Melville, book 1. I think everyone has already made this coat, it was so popular. And I had swatched in the called-for lopi. But the Altantic is firmer and so much nicer. It won't seat out like some yarn. At first, I thought it was going to be only good for rugs - it was stiff and trashy. But once washed it turned soft and lovely.

Originally I thought about a felted bag and the swatch was just so soft after washing that it stuck around as a coaster because I wanted it to be a sweater instead. Not the match game worked and I have a jacket rapidly forming under my needles.

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