Noodling around with superwash

Boy, I just love superwash merino. I forgot how soft it can be. I have been digging into my new stash of it, and picking out a handful of this and a handful of that. It is all from The Black Lamb and you will be hearing Laurie's name a lot around here. Her stuff is great.
I haven't been carding it, just finger fluffing. I have carded the black and yellow, but I am still spinning. This stuff just goes on forever.

Now the leftovers are interesting too. You know when you are plying how you have just a tad left on the bobbin and perhaps a couple of yards left on another bobbin? Or on the carders, how you didn't really clean them fully and pile on another color? The little bits of mixed colors were very fetching and I had to get them on needles right away. So I am trying my version of a sideways sock - made up as I go along - striped periodically with the black. Inspiration comes from Magknits Bakerloo obviously, but I just looked at the photos and was off and running. I wish it were daylight so I could show these colors better, it is just so interesting. I switched to straight needles and it is just growing so fast. My preference is for tall socks and I could plan color changes if I wished. But I think I will just let this one go and see where the colors take me.

And today's question - how many blogs do you read on a regular basis? I would be embarrassed to show my full blogroll, as it is quite long. How about yours?


Stephanie said...

I have 90 bookmarked, and I am adding more frequently. And I still have time to keep up my own. I confess, I like to look at what others are doing. The other part of my reason for reading so many is to decide which ones I really like, since I am relatively new at reading knitting blogs (plus a few others).

Katherine said...

I have 263 feeds on Bloglines. You can subtract several that aren't active, but I wish were.

I go through and purge periodically, and then I will have times when I add a bunch that are referenced in other blogs that look interesting.

Love the socks--I'm considering the Magknits sideways socks.