Caught in the rainbow

New blog look. Waddya think?

My other projects are all yelling at me, ‘Hey, what about me? You love me. What’s going on?”

But my swatch to test colors, that turned into a sock and is now becoming something else, a vest? takes over. The color changes are mesmerizing. Blends are just sucking me in and I have stopped all other work for this growing swatch, sock, sweater thing. I want to wear these colors on my body like a flag to say ‘I blended these. This is just my leftovers; you should see the other stuff’. But the yarn would be lying – these colors, these lonely leftover bobbins and yards are the growing story. The bits you pull out when you are spinning something nice or the big clump of a dirty twisted end. That’s what is blended into this yarn that has become magical. I am totally enchanted.

Merino, for me, was most often a yarn used for gifts. I can’t remember ever using straight Merino in a project for myself, though I did blend it into a few things. Even in my old professional wardrobe, I had a few purchased Merino sweaters and they were almost too good to wear. For a frugal person, when you have little extra bits of something luxurious, you use them up. This swatch thing has become a glorious colorful celebration of frugality and, in that, has its own beauty. You can see the knitting, but Oh, I wish you could feel the sleek but spongy tactile sheet of it forming under my fingers. You would see why I am swayed, nearly swooning over this.

Ok, maybe I have been finishing a little of my other projects. Check out the nifty decorative join on the side of the foot where the two layers come together. I just love a refootable sock, but these were nice. I would change the pattern a little however. I would go down the top of the foot, still in two strips joined, as you see here. Then the toe, then the bottom of the foot. Last the heel. Remember, this is Kureyon. That heel isn't going to last 5 minutes on me without reinforcements.

Oddly enough, I have searched and searched and found no one, that is NOT ONE BLOG that made these socks as called for in the pattern. Why do you think that might be? If you have blogged them, or even just knit them, I'd like to hear from you.

I would do 'em again, without the fussiness. In fact, I just purchased the Kureyon in a different color to work on just that thing.

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Marcy said...

I love the fact that your projects yell at you for attention. :D