Sheep Cake

While I am woefully behind in posting, I did have to share this special treat. Fiberguy really earned his name tonight when he came home with this:
Curly little sheep on my cake instead of the dreaded roses. Lovely and soft and tasty.
I have been beading since I tore my biceps tendon and only knit slowly right now. I would love to show you all photos, but I either sold everything or they are for upcoming gifts. I just have to make some more to show you all. Meanwhile, fiberguy is just pumping out the socks.


elizabeth said...

Too cute!!! Happy birthday!!!!

Paper Tiger said...

Happy birthday!!

Oh, wait. That was even before the last time I saw you. So very late indeed. Silly me!

Smooches to you & the Swillmeister. I hope you're keeping warmish and feeling wonderful.

Maia said...

Aw, love Fiberguy! You have a gem.

Happy Birthday!!!

DebbieB said...

How cute! Love the little sheepy tails.

Charlene said...

Happy birthday, and may the next year bring you lots of fast, deep healing and health. Hope you had a WONDERFUL day.

I'm still planning on being in your neck of the woods in March, even though class sign-up is lousy - looking forward to seeing both of you!