Cotton processing and insurance

I think I was a little overwhelmed when I got back from SOAR this year. Between getting so sick there and losing my luggage with all my treasures, it was a bit much. Then having 6 socks fail for one reason or another, mostly user error and blind optimism, well, I was in a funk. However, now that the insurance check has come in and I can begin to replace those things replaceable, I feel less stuck. And finally, after 6 weeks, over the whole SOAR bug, I can see forward progress. I even finished 3 pairs of working socks. I did have to go back to the basics and work my way up. Still, I never did find that stretchy bindoff that I used to know but there is time to look around for it and use a sewn bind-off until then.

Meanwhile, fiberguy is processing cotton like mad this week. Most of it had to be put into the dehydrator since our freezing weather came very early this year. I am normally out in a tshirt still but it is full jacket, scarf and gloves weather. The bolls pop just like popcorn in the dehydrator and while the cotton is a bit more compresses coming out, it fluffs just like the good stuff. I am very behind in my seed deliveries this year, but they are still coming along.

I still want to start every project in sight, want to spin every fiber in my stash all at once (not actually acomplishable) and weave every pattern in every book all at once. I have a driving need to create. But I am plugging away on some holiday stuff and can't really branch out right now, drat. Being sick always gives me a wicked case of startitis. Lace looms heavily but, again, I think I need to start slowly and work my way up. Perhaps a simple Swallowtail?

For those waiting, there are still some SOAR photos that will come along, perhaps in the dead of winter to warm us all.

Oh, and one simple little thing that brings me joy right now. I know some make their own lotions and ointments, I am not one of those. But I often like to add stuff to commercial lotion to fix it up a bit. So Winter 08 healing lotion is:
1 large (580ml) Lubriderm daily moisture
1 small Peppermint essential oil (1/3 oz)
1 small Lavender essential oil (1/3 oz)
Aloe Vera gel - about 2 oz
Jojoba Oil (between 1-2 oz)

Mix the Aloe Vera 50/50 with water to thin it (or it clumps). Dump the rest all together and mix for a while - it resists incorporation but will get smooth with a lot of stirring. If the scents are too strong, and they may be, cut the essential oils in half. Fill small decorative bottles or plastic bottles for your purse and every room of the house. I get mine here.

I used to add a lot of other things, like tea tree oil and rosemary, but this mix suits me well and really has an effect on my hands. Immune issues mean that I was my hands over 30 times a day and I need the extra healing. I thought you might like a dry skin cure too.


Spindlers2 said...

I'm glad you are feeling better - but interested to hear how long it took, as it did me too. What the heck was that bug??

Drooling over those luvverly bolls, too!


Margaret said...

That SOAR bug was a bear! Glad you are back in action. Here's a round-up of some stretchy bind-offs that might jog your memory:

Ann said...

Welcome back! The bolls look luscious.

DebbieB said...

The lotion recipe sounds like a good one - I work in a daycare and wash my hands at least 10 times/hour, so my skin is very thirsty.

Hooray for the return of creativity!

And insurance.


Deborah Robson said...

So glad you are in recovery mode, in all regards.

Spinning cotton straight from the boll . . . yum! If you have access to a great wheel, all the yummier, oh, or a nice high-ratio charkha . . . or whatever your favorite cotton-spinning device might be. . . . Enjoy!