Silver and speed

I met this amazing jewelry artist while at the silver supply place today. Living in Albuquerque means that I am surrounded by artists and you become kinda numb to the whole scene after a while. So when I tell you that this artist has a unique look, it means he really stands out in a crowd of artists. He has both a website and Etsy shop which I strongly recommend, especially for those looking to burn through some holiday money. (His photo with permission)

Meanwhile, I have been catching up on some birthday knitting. I wanted a shawl, a wimple and 7 socks. It is the time of year when I toss out the old socks that can’t be mended anymore and need some quickie socks to fill in. I also want to clean up my stash of self patterning sock yarn since I don’t really use it as much these days. I am happy to blast through it with just plain old knit socks that can be tossed into the washer and dryer and used every week. When those are done, I get to go onto some fancier knitting.

But you know what? That stupid plain knitting in the round without thinking is bringing back my speed. It is like finger exercises when you were learning to touch type. Slow, boring, mindless and yet a skill is perfected. So I will get 7 pairs of usable socks and speed, baby, speed.


denny fast fingers said...

speed is a good thing. My ken always says.... get good at something then get fast. I'm getting faster on the loom. I'm glad your body is letting you get busy again. Kiss kiss to you and the dude.

Linda said...

I have that puzzle yarn myself - knitted it into a pair of "plain socks " for me, though I think my son wanted them. I usually have a plain pair of socks in the works for travel - it's my take along everywhere project, just in case I have to wait for .... 30 seconds or so somewhere. LOL