SOTSII clue 3

I am still battling a bad flu and seem to be getting nothing done at all. While my head is too fuzzy to do anything, I find comfort in some types of knitting. I need 'stupid' knitting, mindless and fast. But there is one exception. I seem to be be doing ok on this project that would appear to be complex but is easy to read. The chart of SOTSII works up fast and is pleasant. I do count out all the spaces every row and write the numbers down before I begin - I am not crazy. But other than that, it feels like speed reading. It goes from my eyes to my fingers without stopping at my brain. That's good because my brain would just muck things up right now. I am not crazy though; that is a lifeline. I usually fly without them but I expect massive stupidity here and am putting in one about every 1/2 chart. Whew, this was enough for me -- back to my hot tea and lemon.


Maia said...

It is gorgeous! I love the pattern and the color.

Sorry to hear about the flu. There is a bad one going around here. I was laid out by it and spent a lot of time working on a shawl too. I hope you feel better soon!

Paper Tiger said...

Get yourself healthy! Sending virtual antibodies your way.

Charlene said...

I'm with you on the flu thing! Yuck! I'm trying hard to recover too, but it's stuck in my chest, making any activity requiring extra breathing a challenge. I know FiberGuy is taking good care of you, but yeah, do suck up all the hot, doctored tea you can and baby yourself!

Nautical Knitter said...

Your stole looks wonderful! I hope you feel better very soon.

Nicki said...


You have my sympathy; I had the flu last week and my head was not working AT ALL. Had to wait until the end of the week to start clue 4. But it went fast, thankfully.

I love your color -- you do lovely work!