Awesome Gifts

6 weeks of flu left me weak and wobbly, but I do have energy enough to read. And just in time, some wonderful books have come into my life.

First from a friend:

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Ethnic Knitting Discovery and I love it. But I was surprised and delighted by the Priscilla Gibson-Roberts updates. I think that Knitting in the Old Way should be in every one’s library. And as a spindle spinner, I just loved Spinning in the Old Way. It was a thoughtful gift and I just love them.

The paperback of Victorian Lace Today came out finally and I am flipping through that too. I missed getting the hardback and then saw everyone’s nice projects and, well, was jealous. I wanted some nice lace too. The reprint is reasonably priced and fits perfectly on my shelf – two reasons why I didn’t select the hardback.

And lastly, out of the blue, a new and wonderful friend from SOAR sent me the best gift ever:

Isn’t it splendid? Oh, and it just sparkles in real life. The back is great too. I was mesmerized by this band. It is so precious that I am a bit afraid to use it. But it is so great that I will buck up. I feel like I have some museum quality piece in my hands and it was just a total surprise. Thank you so much, John Malarky.

Fiberguy has been busy too. Just look at these socks:

Gentleman’s Fancy Sock by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks in Araucania Ranco
He is on his third pair of socks now and the first written pattern. There are some mistakes, but he has chosen to leave them in as part of the learning experience. He is working on them concurrently so no second sock syndrome for that boy.
I have much more knitting that I've been working on, but I will save that for some photos. I can write, but I can't take many pictures yet, still too tired. Now I think I will go nap.


Maia said...

Six weeks of flu? Ouch! I hope you get better soon.

I love the Priscilla Gibson-Roberts books. They are great. The band is gorgeous! So many wonderful gifts.

Go Fiberguy!

Linda said...

I hope you continue to improve. The flu is the worst thing to hav, I think, because it attacks every body system.

I will be curious to hear what yo think of your Ethnic Knitting book. I have heard some interesting comments and wonder what you think.

Anonymous said...
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diannarubidge said...

Books have been a constant joy in my life too. I count on them for restoring the spirit and the body. I haven't seen that first one and will be watching for it. Take care.

Dianna from sk