What was I thinking?

Complete denial. It will fit. Really. My heel is this pointy.

Thank goodness somebody's sock is going well. Fiberguy's blasting through his first pair of socks. He did the whole foot portion in one go. Afterthought heels are coming along well. Decreases, both left and right are all in line. I made a pair of socks out of the same yarn for him and frankly, it took longer. He is driven.

My birthday shawl has begun. The yarn is yummy baby alpaca and it was soothing during recent treatments. Nothing like 4 tries with an IV to make you grab your shawl. [Special note to Denny - I couldn't have done this last treatment without YOUR wonderful shawl. Thanks for wrapping me in love.] I think I will do the old fashioned all garter and not add lace. Sometimes garter is great.

Meanwhile, I had a ravelry thread going on what can you do with one ounce of really fine stuff? My answer for this one skein was the old feather and fan. I have only 1/2 oz but it was 290 yds. So that makes 9280 ypp, right? It was a lovely sample given to me by Rita Buchanan ages ago. Silk, cashmere, merino in Rose Quartz form Lambspun. Don't they have nice processing? It took two partial evenings to spin and will be much longer to knit. But the longer it gets, the more I want to keep it instead of my original idea of giving it away. Does that make me greedy? It is so soft and shiny and lovely and simple. And yes, my ballwinder for this project is electrical conduit. I cut a gazillion of these for a class I was teaching and they are so handy to have around. I prefer a pipe cutter instead of a saw since my edges remain nice and clean. Cheap smooth tools and soft shiny yarn. Can you tell I am having fun?

Any other suggestions for only an oz of fine stuff, usually laceweight or finer are gladly considered. I wind up with a lot of single oz skeins and am getting tired of multicolored lace shawls. I wish we could search on Ravelry by weight of finished item.


Paper Tiger said...

You live in a wool house... I think that sounds much nicer than a gingerbread house. I hope your poor arm heals up quick.

denny and that bitch "I'm" said...

love love love the squiggle lace.
3 rows thin,1 row fat(yarn) Pattern on knitty or Debbie New's book Unexpected Knitting
(that sounds right , eh?)
In my climate ...neck warmers baby.
That way you can gift one and make one for yourself. Because ALWAYS gift the knitter.
I'm sure Rita gave it to you for you. I always try to gift the giver too. I'm not always good at that though.

Big Snow coming in right now and me and mine are fighting with the family about missing a dinner tonight.But driving is bad.I'm is "The Bad Cop" Ken is the pussy cat.love as always your dennyx0x0x0x0x

denny said...

P.S. take care........but TAKE IT.
garter = good. Thinking about you. 0x0x0x0x

Oh Hi Dan good knitting, and don't forget to do your homework....buy MORE yarn.x0x0x0