Fiberguy’s First

The magic of first knitting.
Buffalo Gals Yarn, garter ridge earwarmer, #10 needles.

This wonder taught him at SOAR.

For his next project, he selected socks, on a set of 5 #4 needles. First purling, first circular knitting, first time switching the yarn from front to back for the ribbing. It was going ok, lots of three stitches forward and two back for about 5 rounds. Counting to 4 was sometimes difficult.

We went over how to see the mistakes before I would fix anything, so he could ‘read’ his knitting. Then he had to fly out of town for work. He was obsessed with the knitting at that point. He took it with him and just had to figure out how to get around the circle without help. This is what he brought home!

Sure, there were a few mistakes early on, but he doesn’t seem to mind and left them be. He is not afraid to rip and has taken out 3 or 4 inches at a time – just pulls the needles out – fearless. Soon, about 5 rows from now we will deal with a heel.


Anne said...

He's a natural!

Tell me about the sock yarn... Did you spin it? It's gorgeous.

knitmd said...

I think it is way cool when men are comfortable enough in their own skin to knit and/or spin! Fiberphilia in Orono, ME has attracted a number of men and a number of younger knitters, as well as a wonderful collection of International knitters. Congratulations to Fiberguy, and to his teacher.

fibergal said...

It is Yarn Treehouse Rhythm in color #23.


Marcy said...

YaY, FiberGuy! Well done.

denny (sorry about the sharing of the stash)mcmillan said...

yay fiberguy !!!

You look so proud in your new headgear, and so you should be.
Well done on the sock too. Now for the next lesson on knitting............where ever you go.....BUY YARN. LOTS AND LOTS OF YARN......then buy some for your wife. love Denny

P.S. This calls for a round of E-males.

Barbara said...

wow - can't wait to see what he has to put in the Gallery next SOAR!!

Anonymous said...

Fiberguy rocks! Looking forward to seeing his first sock success.

Rachel H said...

m'kay, that last one was Me, Rachel H, not anonymous. Blasted Blogger format change.