Another holiday gift for you - adjustable width socks

You will find these in my sidebar as Quilted Leaf Socks.

You can adjust the sock's width by adding more or less stitches in the ribbed sections between the lace patterns. Visually, we don't usually notice whether a rib is one or two stitches wide. It is easy to stuff a few more in or just go down to one stitch each. Yet, since these are done in light worsted weight, those stitches can add up to a better fit. Download the pattern and see for yourself.

Enjoy your holiday present from all of us at fiberhouse.

And for those of you who are counting, fiberguy's socks are done and drying - more on them tomorrow.


knitmd said...

Thank you for posting the pattern. I love these socks, and appreciate the effort, particularly at this time of year, you took to get them up. Many thanks, and Happy New Year!

carol said...

Happy New Year to you both from us both!

CarolineF said...

Hello, here is the box my yarn was in for my Autumn Rose that you noticed on the Knit Me blog. This is the most perfect thing for fair isle, you can close the lid when you are done and it's all contained.


Kucki68 said...

That is a very cool sock, I will have to try that one!