New Tools, back in the studio

Finally, I am back in the studio for a little claywork. Most fiberworkers that know me face to face, met me through the tools I make. Mostly high end polymer clay fountain pens, well, pens of all kinds and rug / crochet hooks. I have been out of the studio for about a year due to health issues and, ah, grief. My best friend died suddenly and it really threw me. She was a studio buddy. It was hard to start up again.

I love color and really love working in a way to blend colors in many strange and wonderful ways. The blendalong has gotten me thinking about color again and the floodgates burst open. I have started a fresh new batch of tools for the Fiberarts Fiesta in May. I will be helping in the Elemental Affects booth and have some tools there.

Can you just see the colors swirling in the green/gold piece there? And the shine may be just visible to you under the surface. The process from raw clay to tool takes about a month since it is more efficient if I can do certain sanding levels all together. I can't wait to see this one shiny and glowing. I will do 3 bakings, 12 sanding levels and two polishing levels to get the finished pieces. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? Oh, but it is so worth it when you get fun things like this:
Blendalong continues tomorrow.

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Carol said...

Beautiful, beautiful colours! So glad you are back to working in clay, I need to expand my crochet hook collection, but also glad that you are feeling better.