Blendalong - Ply Blends part 2

I have started with the Ply Blends portion of the blendalong. So far, I tried cabled yarn and didn’t think that worked to show the colors well. I have here some 4 ply and that may work for you. If so, you are going to need a lot of bobbins. I use weaving bobbins to hold singles and my drink mixer to wind them, with the critical latex band to hold the bobbins.

The choices here for me are a) making a 4 ply or b) making two 2 plyed yarns and holding them together.

Remember, by the end of the blendalong you will have lots of little bits of yarn , so don’t go crazy with quantity in this section. The exception might be if you are going to make socks, you might want the ribbing in one color, so more yards.

For the mini weavette squares (2”), I am using 80” of yarn. I would overestimate here to save yourself trouble. I use 3.5 extra wrap-arounds at the end of base weave, before using the needle. It takes me roughly 6 minutes from start to finish for a weavette square. It will take longer to put them together, I think. There is a great site for weavette sewing.

Well, I am a little behind here. I tried several choices and have ripped them all out. I will try again with larger needles. Since it is a 4 ply, it is close to a worsted weight and I think a size 3 needle might be more appropriate for socks. For a vest, I would go up in size.

Links for all my buddies
Some great links for today. Nona Swatches still is one of my favs. Who knew that just swatches could be so entertaining? I would love to see hundreds of sites doing this with both stitch patterns and yarns. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful resource? A massive internet swatch library. Oh, well, I can dream, can’t I? If you know of any other swatch collections, please let me know and I will be glad to post them.

Then this next one could take a few hours out of your life. On the left side you will notice a stitch catalog with 1371 stitches listed. She gives the books they came from and often has photos with her swatches. These are written out with good references. I don’t know whether to be thrilled or appalled. I love this resource, but am a bit iffy on the listing. On the other hand, we all use pieces of patterns from Barbara Walker’s Treasury series so maybe this is OK. After all, Barbara Walker collected this info from a lot of people too. How do you feel about this issue?

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