All FOs All the Time

It’s freaking FOs all the time around here. Ha! Don’t I wish. But it is the end of a long project. What I present today is the music sweater. For those that know me, you have invariably seen me working on this sweater at some time in the last few years. Yes, years. This was knit mostly at concerts (we love the live music). I can point at a section and say, this is John Prine – it must have been a great show, my tension is all off. Oh here is where we saw Reeltime Travelers for the last time. Bob Dylan is in this section. So many concerts, several Durango Meltdowns, folk fests. In saving the sweater for only the special times, the concerts come to mind when we see the sweater.

It is unblocked and the big guy has lost about 30lbs since I started, so it is big. I should be able to block it down and fix that up a bit. I thought you might want to see it anyway. AND, it is OFF the living room table. Yippee.

Pattern: Rosemarkie from Starmore’s Celtic Collection
Yarn: A mix of Jamieson & Smith and Jaggerspun
Needles: #2 & #3 Addi Turbos
Started: Feb ‘03
Finished: Feb ‘07

I am so sad to see this project end. There is so much joy and laughter captured within. You know some people feel like their spirit is captured if you take a photo of them? Well, this sweater captured all that good music and fun.

And, of course, it is Shetland, so it is a joy in itself.

Oh, and just a mention. I am working on a special group project that you may wish to join as a spinner. You don't need a wheel, a spindle will do, but you have to be able to spin and card consistently. You don't need a drum carder, you can use handcards, combs or even dog brushes as long as you can get an even blend. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming post. It's a complex proposal, but really easy & fun project. I can't get out to teach this class right now, so I thought I would give it here in the blog. I shall work out the details and let you all know.


pippi said...

I totally adore your music sweater!!
And I'm on the edge of my seat, about this project you are hinting at!

Marcy said...

Woh! Well done! I admire your tenacity. And I know Mr. Fibergal appreciates the vest. :D