Sad Sock Day

While reorganizing the studio today, I ran across my bag of old handspun socks, no longer wearable. Oh what a sad thing. I found my first pair done with my first handspun - romney mohair mix. And my favorite pair, a lincoln/corrie cross (in the sheep) combed with yearling mohair. Those worked well and felted down slightly. They are in perfect shape with perfect color. Unfortunately, they are just too small.

It was an education learning what has worked and what wore out over time. I found that I make a lot of socks with mohair and they resist dirt and odor. I should mix this with a felting wool like merino and make them big. The ones with The Fold's Lincoln/Silk heels showed no signed of wear at all. I need to reinforce the ball of the foot.

I picked out the really good ones that didn't fit and sent them off to charity pickup. I picked my two favorite pairs and will reknit part to fix them. I tossed the rest, having darned them too many times. As my husband was picking up the garbage after my sorting he saw the socks. "Can't we unravel these and reknit?" Ah, he is really getting the fiber habit. No stash is safe. I have created a monster!

This is the first time I throw away any handspun projects. But some things just must die. Goodbye old friends.

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