Cotton Finally

This spring my cotton plants were hit by a late frost and died. So in mid June I put in a few green cotton seeds hoping to at least have seeds for next year. I knew my crop would not have a long enough growing season to produce a full set of cotton.

Well the bolls formed, but wouldn't open, except for one. I have been worrying over the coming frost, so I took matters into my own hands. The technique I settled on was to use a table knife and slice along the natural spines of the cotton bolls. I sort of pry the sides open and wait a day. Finally, I pop the inside supports so the bolls curl back and fluff the cotton. The sun will bring it to full color.

I don't know if I will get any viable seeds, but the bolls do seem to be opening and drying out. I can bring them in to a windowsill to finish off, if I must. We must wait until spring to see if my seeds work.


Charleen said...

That's taking matters into your own hands. So, what are you going to make with that cotton?

Nice blog Phreadde!

fibergal said...

The cotton will go into dishtowels direct from charkha. I always keep a warp on for towels. a 3 hour demo will net about a towel and a half. More and more cotton is drying on the plant now that I have cracked the bolls. Every day I pick
green fluff. With any luck, I will have seeds to start at the right time next year. And I will use seasonal covers in spring to protect the little seedlings.