Chenille disaster

I never realized that chenille could give problems weaving. I have only used one color from a single cone in the past and had great results. This time, I used 5 colors and two thickness' for a mixed warp. This was from 2 sources - one reliable and one unknown. Lables both said rayon chenille. Bad bad bad. One was cotton and finished at a different rate than the rayon. Don't believe labels.

I sewed the ends with zigzag and straight stitches. I knotted the ends tightly. I dampened it and tossed it in the dryer, as I always do. Threads broke, threads came out. The cotton hung didn't change much but the rayon ends tangled and shed - that was ok, since I was going to sew my sample into a vest. But I have these stiff pulled threads the whole length. After trying to untie my knots and work the ends so the tight ones loosened and the loose ones tightened, I still have a mess. the areas in between are this lovely velvet - good color, just a wonderful feel. So tantalizing.

The lesson here is know your sources and always test the yarn. I have plenty of the good stuff and, undaunted, will put on another warp soon minus the thin cotton. I was sampling to make a jacket. I wonder if the seams will ravel with rayon chenille. I have only used it for scarves. Can you tell, I am not a very experienced weaver? I nearly ran to the knitting machine with my chenille when I first saw what happened. But I will get back on the horse and try again.

Send advice, if you have any. I am always willing to listen to the voice of experience. Help me get this dunce cap off my head.

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