Variations - Photo Heavy

I can always tell when a new Fair Isle is coming. The color fever takes over. First I grab an image and manipulate the colors in Photoshop.

Then, if I own the pattern, I bring the graph into Design-A-Knit and use a tool that randomizes your colors. You can save as you go and lock in some colors. Whew, it can get strange.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! You did the swatches and manipulated them in photoshop? man you're a genius!!

Swill would help me to make sense. said...

Denny's 2cents worth.
I tend to like the ones where the back ground coloures are lighter and the shades go from dark (on the top of the back ground) to light (in the middle of the background) I feel that this combo doesn't fight with the pattern in the fore ground.
I also like it when the foreground is in darker colours and they change to be darker on the "tips" of the diamond shapes. I am I making any sense? It's a handy way to do it though, with the puter. chow for now love dennyx0x0x0x

bebosmom1 said...

I love your colors. Especially the 2nd one.

Tenna Draper said...

being a lover of blue, I loved the blue, but the one in brown tones was nice too.