NM yummies

I popped my shoulder, so had to set down the knitting needles for a couple of days. Instead I have been cooking and boy, howdy, have I found a doozie of a cookbook. I was dubious when I opened it, but got kinda caught up in the descriptions. Fiberguy had to leave town and so I tried a simple recipe thinking I could dump it if it was terrible without him being subjected to another strange kitchen nightmare. Welllll, it wasn't terrible. In fact it was yummy. Really yummy. So yummy, I drove down to the store to get ingredients for another recipe.

Who knew that you could bake with tofu and have the dish come out creamy, moist and totally yummy? I tried the blueberry muffins and boy are they good. I made the chocolate frosting and it has the creamy mouth feel of the most over the top buttercream frosting. The flavor was spot on. (see the picture on the cover?) The cupcakes are tomorrow since the frosting needed to be cooled in the fridge. Now I just want to make everything from this book.

Speaking of food, if you are in New Mexico or travelling to here soon, I just found the best site for restaurant reviews. Gil's Thrilling Web Site is not misnamed. I stopped by for a quick look and 4 hours later I was still reading. He writes very well and covers a lot of territory. It is not a blog, just a collection of reviews. On the weekend we choose one from the list and it was great. This is a place I drove past twice a week for years now. I never even considered going in and it may be the best place in town. Places I thought were pretty good got less than perfect reviews so I am dying to try what he thinks is better. Frankly we don't eat out much but now, we have a long list to try.

I also found a little treat for my feet. Aren't these nice? They mold to the foot and are so comfy. I started to knit socks right away to match. So much of a sock shows with these that they are perfect for a knitter. Love my new Mary Jane Crocs.


carol said...

The trouble with Crocs is, once you start wearing them you never want to wear anything else (especially when you have wellie-Crocs....even the wet is taken care of.) *Love* the Mary-Janes.

Anonymous said...

don't get me stared on the crocs...
but if you like them thats O.K.

More important..YOUR COOKING..yay

Yay cause ya know cooking soup is very close to making a dye bath.

I love to cook and bake and it is my wish that everyone be successful and enjoy that most basic of daily activities. Making good things to eat is just as rewarding as making something with fiber. Well it's all "fiber isn't it? Cooking with tofu can be tricky, I'm glad you found a book that works for you. Enjoy my dear. Love (and miss you both) your pal dennyx0x0x0

Anonymous said...

Watch out, Crocs are lovely but the little round bits on the inside of the soles wear out handknit socks rather quickly!

Juno said...

tofu chocolate frosting? It sounds so wrong...and yet, I know you would never lie about something like this.

Can we have an update once the cupcakes have been consumed?