Knitting as music recorder

You’ve seen those old wax cylinders, I guess they are the old Edison records, right? Those amazingly fragile tubes that somehow captured the sound? I never understood the mechanism that made them. Yet, I cannot help but think of them when I knit at a concert. Isn’t my tube, my sock, in this case, a recorder too? Every time I wear this sock, I will think of the concert and the magic of that night when I saw Dylan.

See that little section there – can’t you here the “Just Like a Woman”?

It wasn’t my first Dylan concert, but it was especially juicy. About mid-way through, two owls, one after the other flew out from the band enclosure. The first was quite large and the crowd gasped and oohed. It seemed, I don’t know, significant, somehow.

And another luminary comes to our town this week.
Alden Amos gives a workshop for my guild on fiber prep. Isn’t he the Dylan of our spinning generation? And yet, I get to be up close and personal with both Alden and Stephenie Gaustad. What a delight she is, and I just can’t wait to see them both.

That is Alden at SOAR 2006 with the World's Largest Flyer.

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Marcy said...

Oh, cool. Give the Old Goat and Stephenie hugs from me, will you? Thnx.