How Geeky is that?

This week when the waiting room attendant announced an hour delay, most people moaned. Being a knitter, I was delighted. I could put away my ‘stupid’ knitting and pull out a more complex project. [One should always carry at least two projects in case of delays.] I grabbed my lace, pulled out my Palm for my chart and started knitting away. At that point a woman across from me said to her husband, “How geeky is that?”. Wow, I was thrilled. Not only was she not commenting on my collection of projects, or the fact that I was knitting, but she was talking about my tools. I took it as a compliment, suspecting that is was Not how she meant the comment.

What geeky tools do you carry in your bag? I love the Palm for simple charts. I use Documents to Go and an Excel file so I can just mark off the rows. Usually, I leave a column in front of the directions to mark a number to show my place in the pattern. Sometimes it is 1’s and 0’s and others it is the actual repeat. It can work for charts or words. The biggest limitation is that it is best for smaller patterns, not something that is a 200 column lace, for example.

Find the chart here.

It always has a calculator and that is nice. And of course, I keep a database of my yarn needs and knitting needles. The Palm in my knitting bag is an older used one that I picked up for $5 on eBay, a Zire 31. It also has the ability to play mp3s, so I usually have a book on tape and some music in there too. Now, while this is older technology, it is geeky for knitting. Apparently.

When I got to the top of the sock, I had a mental block and couldn’t remember how to start the sewn bind-off. Wouldn’t the woman across from me be appalled to see that I was playing the video of Lucy Neatby’s sock techniques? I own the video, so I translated it to my phone. I never subscribe to any of my phone company’s music or video services – why bother. They aren’t ever going to have the things I want to carry around with me. Knitting videos are a nice reference to have with me at all times for little weight.

I have to admit, I purchase my technology with knitting in mind and often at a serious discount. The phone was a free upgrade with my plan. Palms are cheap if you don’t want all the newest features. Whether you use one in real life or not, it is nice to have one for knitting. So use old tech to be geeky in your craft. It makes life so easy. Doesn’t everyone do this?


Marcy said...

Whatta geek! Can I be you when I grow up? :D

Ann said...

What an interesting idea. Now I know what do do with all those outdated Palms I have sitting around.

Juno said...

I think I just fell in love. You can do that?

fibergal said...

Juno, anyone can do that. I use Documents to Go for the palm - a cheapo used Zire 31 for the knitting bag. And the phone? I use a 3gp translator. Xilisoft is the top rated one. But it all can be very simple. I have a cast-on that I am learning and reduced it to 4 photos. I don't need the words, just the 4 pics to figure it out. Oh, and I gotta have my SOAR pics, sentimental fool that I am.

Elaine said...

I have GOT to go shopping for a used Palm... that is the coolest thing to do. Now, I need to figure out how to put that stuff on MY phone, too. I have 4 of Lucy's videos! I am geeky, but apparently not geeky enough... YET!

fibergal said...

Xilisoft 3gp converter for the phone. It works so well.