Wooly Board

My first use of the Wooly Board. This was a delightful find. A 'new in the box' Tomato Factory blocker sold during the Starmore era. I think that makes it a Jamieson & Smith, but I am not sure. I am just learning to use it. The unit folds to get the sweater on and the arms and sides are adjustable. The sweater is quite damp and floppy, but I measured it dry and tried it on the board beforehand. I will not be using it in the sun, it was just out here for photos. Anyone have one of these? What is the rectangular wooden bit for? I have it sitting on the dowel that holds it open, but I am guessing.

And why is it wooly board instead of woolly board?

And another visitor. This time it was on my keyboard. New Mexico has some largish spiders. This one is about 3 inches across toe to toe. It could be a grass spider or hobo. Big and hairy with large sex organs (those lumpy bits that look like fangs). I still fight to not yell and run away. Spiders are my friend, spiders are my friend. Yeah and if I say it another thousand times it may be true. Primal instinct makes me wanna scream like a little girl, of course.


Marcy said...

Nice find! Where in the world did you get it?

Spiders don't make me scream, but I do like to capture the big ones and quickly relocate them outdoors.

Catherine D. said...

I'm jealous. My woolly board doesn't have a bottom sleeve arm. On the other hand, I can insert the sleeve rods after I've got the body stretched, so maybe it's a draw!

Anonymous said...

The resurgence of Alice Starmore designs has brought back the Woolly board..I have had mine for about 15 yrs..ordered it from Lacis in California..somewhat different design. It is great for Fair Isle and Stranded blocking..
David Brown former owner of Tomato Factory has a shop in Santa Fe,NM, called TUTTO. For me it has been interesting to see how knitting has gone back to such beautiful Sweaters