Bendigo Woollen Mills

Having scouted around, I realize that a lot of US knitters don't know about this great resource. The biggest comment is that many wished Bendigo Woolen Mills have a website. They *have* had one for quite a while. Don't people ever search???


Their yarns are wonderfully inexpensive and extremely nice quality. Cables really pop on the Colonial wool. It is made from Merino and Merino cross sheep and is a very stable cabled yarn. Shipping is cheap and really fast.

While sampling, do not be discouraged at the hand until you wash it. This yarn transforms more than most yarn I have ever used. It just stands right up and will wear like Iron but remain cable perfect - no floppy cables here.

This yarn was one of my inspirations to learn to spin. I wanted to make cabled yarn. And now every time I do, I think warmly of my wonderful projects knit with this yarn. Gee, I am gonna grab my needles right now and swatch.

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